First “Real” Job: Lessons and Benefits

When I first began working in my late teens, I was earning minimum wage and running a constant budget deficit. As a college kid I told myself that I would fix my finances when I graduated and got my first “real” job. Unfortunately, it took a year after graduation to find my first real job … Continue reading


Should we sell our home in 2021?

Mark and I have been contemplating selling our home for a few years now. While we adore our house, are on good terms with our neighbors and live in a safe neighborhood, we haven’t found our niche in this community. After six years, we don’t have any close friends or ties or any compelling reason … Continue reading

Inflation & the Middle Class Income

Lately I’ve been reflecting on how a comfortable middle class income keeps eluding us. I remember thinking in my 20s that if we could only make $40,000 per year, then we would be comfortable. By the time our income hit $40,000 per year, I realized this would be insufficient. Housing, taxes and utilities moved our … Continue reading

5 Things I Miss from 2019

The COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives in irrevocable ways, but writing about it right now is frightening because everyone’s nerves are raw and sensitive. For the most part, I’ve dealt with the pandemic by trying to keep a low profile and avoid triggers, but not talking about it seems inauthentic. It’s an ongoing situation everyone … Continue reading

2020 Fall Semester Reflections

Our holiday celebration started a little early this year. We put up Christmas decor and baked the annual batch of Christmas cutout cookies the weekend before Thanksgiving. Usually we wait until the first week of December (aka after Thanksgiving) to start our month long Christmas celebration traditions, but this year we needed a pick-me-up. The … Continue reading

. . . and time marches on . . .

So the presidential election is over, and it appears we will have a President Biden in January, but it isn’t official, yet. We have to wait for the courts to make decisions on President Trump’s legal challenges, and for the recounts to be completed. In the meantime, I am taking a break from all the … Continue reading

New Home – New Life

Every change in life comes with a few lessons along the way. Our 2015 move had been preceded by nine long months of updating our previous home and living with my in-laws until it sold. At the time of our move, Mark had been in his new job for a little less than a year … Continue reading