5 Reasons Why this Native Texan Supports Obamacare

As I watch the Congressional catastrophe unfold in Washington, I have been perplexed over the vitriol towards the Affordable Care Act (ACA)/Obamacare that has brought Congress to its knees, shut half our government down and threatened a government default. As an American and a native Texan, I do not understand why Texas Tea Party conservatives … Continue reading

First Week of School

This week marked a momentous occasion for our family when my oldest son began Kindergarten. While his parents anxiously watched, he exuberantly embrace this new adventure unphased at our inauspicious trial run at Kinder Camp the week before. I, on the other hand, fretted endlessly over whether the school was capable of protecting a beloved member … Continue reading

Morning Cup of Coffee

I woke up bleary eyed, frizzy haired, and fuzzy brained this morning to my usual morning routine. Twenty minute walk. Apple for breakfast. Hold conversations with my son and husband that I don’t remember ten minutes later. Kiss my husband goodbye. Go make a pot of coffee. While making said pot of coffee, long before … Continue reading

Follow-up: Home Energy Efficiency Project

A quick follow-up on my post from July 19, Home Energy Efficiency Project. Much to my great disappointment, our electric consumption increased 10 percent over August 2012. We are completely perplexed as we cannot recall any significant energy outlay last month and we put so much time, energy, and money into reducing our energy consumption. … Continue reading

Whole Foods Diet

Americans are obsessed with their weight and our “obesity epidemic” is as American as our apple pie. Every few years a new diet trend creates billions of dollars in economic activity by promising the answers to our weight and health problems. Remember the low-fat diets of the 1990s? The Atkins diet? The South Beach and … Continue reading

Further Thoughts on Wealth

Last week when I discussed American attitudes towards wealth, I cited two articles: One that claimed the annual median household income was $51,500 and the other that claimed an annual income of $75,000 was all it took to maximize financial contentment. I pondered these numbers for a few days and decided that while an annual … Continue reading

Thoughts on Wealth

After reading an article on Yahoo Finance, Study Finds Only 28 Percent of Millionaires Think They’re Rich, my first response was, “Well, duh!” It takes a great deal more money to live today than back in the sixties/seventies/eighties when $1 million offered a comfortable lifestyle. Why would anyone be surprised to find out that people … Continue reading

Home Energy Efficiency Project

My husband once cynically pointed out that the more we learn to conserve energy, the more the energy we do use costs. His point was made this summer when I received our first electric bill. We were already enduring a 20 percent rate increase that began in January but in June an additional  “summer rate” … Continue reading

My College Education

After  six years pursuing my undergraduate degree and three years in graduate school, I finished my college career much wiser than the day I started. This wisdom didn’t necessarily originate from the knowledge accumulated in the classroom, although I enjoyed many of my classes. Most of my knowledge came from learning to navigate the complex … Continue reading

Should we attend church?

As a child, I spent a great deal of time in church. With services on Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, and Wednesday nights, plus Friday evening and/or Saturday morning church projects, in addition to attending a Christian school until the eighth grade, I spent most of my childhood participating in religiously centered activities. It wasn’t until … Continue reading